Laser Treatment For Acne

To handle acne or acne redness, many patient use a lot of topical treatment, and some other people use several oral medicine, acne treatment cream, natural acne treatment, and also acne light therapy. There are many important and effective treatments, therapy and also methods for acne care. Right now, many products are made for acne light therapy. The other treatment like laser is become a good treatment for acne and also become very helful to handle acne scar. Not just for acne, laser treatment also good for other skin problem and very useful for anti-aging remedies.

Back to main topic: Laser treatment for acne. This treatment is very safer and gentle to fight again acne. Many doctor use this treatment to treat and prevent the skin disease like acne. Laser treatment for acne have several benefits. The patient will get significant result about their skin condition and very useful to treat acne scar even deeply pitted and changed skin’s color because acne. 

Usually treatment for scar begin after acne already gone. To treat acne scar, sometimes combine between laser and surgical treatment. Usually the surgical treatment as first treatment (around two or three month) and after that using laser treatment. The patient may given sedatives and anesthesia immediately after the surgery patient is discharged so that they can recover at home. This treatment is termed as outpatient procedure.

Laser treatment for acne have two basic types of laser like ablative lasers and the other one is non-ablative laser. 
Ablative lasers also known as the resurfacing laser. This type of laser usually used to wipe away the top skin layer with high energy light. This laser is reducing several of scar visibility and recontour the skin’s surface. Some people who doing treatment with this type of laser may have redness for a couple month. The doctor used this type for deeper scars and have the risk of further scarring. 
Non ablative lasers also known as non wounding laser. This type of laser usually used to promote collagen growth beneath an acne scar without side effect like painful and harmful in ablative lasers.